Exploring how Arts and Culture can bring people together in Leeds.

For a city to value and prioritise cultural activities, utilising it as a means of improving the quality of life experienced by every person and community is important for the integrity of that city both nationally and internationally. That said, it is even more exciting being amongst the panel of experts who are shaping the current dynamics of arts and culture when it comes to strategic planning and policy prescription.

Event organised by the BME Hub and hosted in the Leeds City Museum, saw experts from charities and small groups exploring ways on how arts and culture can bring people together across Leeds. It was great for SpringAid to be part of this great event, advancing useful policy guidance and recommendations on effective ways in which arts and culture can enhance social cohesion and integration. It is important to note that for Leeds to be nationally and internationally recognised as a liveable and thriving city, it needs to have a cultural hub open to collaboration.

Culture, it is said, is what we do and who we are, encompassing a broad range of actions and activities which have the capacity to transform, challenge, reassure and inspire, giving a place and its people a unique and distinctive identity.

The Leeds BME Hub is hosting an Arts and Culture themed event. Come and meet the funders and find out what’s happening for Arts and Culture in Leeds.

Hear from Heritage Lottery, Arts Council and get an update on the Leeds Culture Strategy.

We event presented testimonies from BME led Arts and Culture organisation about their experiences and good practice in Leeds. Following that, there was an opportunity to mutually discuss challenges and explore solutions with round table discussions.



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