Horsforth Community Hub – Leeds Hands-On Training Workshop in Photography and Video Editing

A picture is worth a thousand words”, so why try to reiterate those words if the image is already soaked with expression. Another fascinating day at the Horsforth Community Hub in Leeds, sponsored by the Big Lottery Fund.

The day was filled by lessons in taking great photo shots, practice video interviews and recordings. The workshop help teach the participants the basics of video production so that they can start making their own video content. In today’s online world, video content is king.  Just look all around you.  On every social media platform there are videos being posted to entertain, to connect, and most definitely to promote.  They range from short, 10 second videos to highly polished 5+ minute videos.  It was great for participants to learn core skills in videography – how to make videos, and it was fun and exciting to be part.

One of the participants said ‘’If you’re someone who’s looking to get into the video production world, this workshop was for you and will help get you there.  Knowing how to make your own videos for your brand, company, or just a personal hobby is a skill that’s invaluable and I was able to learn all that for FREE’’.  At the end of the workshop participants had to make four of their own short videos that they could start adding to their portfolio/reel.

It was a fantastic day of videography and thanks to the Big Lottery fund for sponsoring such an exciting event and all the participants came out with bags of knowledge which they could use to further their passion into career prospects and also search for employment in the field.



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