About Us

SpringAid Consultancy International is a Community Interest Company working to end poverty, and social exclusion through Employment, Training, and Entrepreneurship. We have a dedicated team with diverse knowledge base who run various community projects to enable our grassroots communities to maximize their full potential, knowledge, and expertise, thereby strengthening their own efforts to alleviate poverty and impact change.

Our vision is to see a poverty free world, where everyone enjoys the right to life with dignity, can strive and contribute, and where any development project works through the eyes of the ‘commons’ who should be the drivers towards ending poverty.

Our mission is to empower disadvantaged individuals within our communities; both in the UK and around the world with sufficient skills and knowledge to fight against poverty and inequality, whilst also encouraging them to act as agents of change. We aim to run various development projects and campaigns where our UK and global community can maximise their full potential, knowledge and expertise to develop themselves and impact change.


  • Partnership – Good partnerships are essential in achieving our vision

  • Diversity – Increased diversity of our networks and workforce makes us stronger and more effective.

  • Power – we work to support people who have direct experience of poverty and disadvantage to achieve change.

  • Digital – digital technologies are powerful tools for building strong communities and relationships.

Our Services

Business Initiatives

Turn your innovative ideas turn into high-impact solutions.We help the young and graduates turn their business concepts into full business plans, provide a place for internship and help them start their own businesses

Event Management

Bespoke event management for individuals and corporations. We conceive and execute your event to a high standard resulting in memorable occasions and tangible business results


We offer a range of training courses to help develop employability. We pride ourselves in partnering with local communities to provide value for money training particularly for individuals who need care and support

Events: Past, Present & Future

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Join our vibrant network of campaigners and fundraisers who help raise money for major projects that are centred on fighting global poverty and campaign to speak out against injustice. Volunteers with like-minded supporters working together to end the injustice of poverty.