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About Us

We are a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) that seeks to tackle the root causes of poverty and its consequences by working with individuals and communities who live at the margins or socio-economically disadvantaged societies in the UK and around the world. We empower people with sufficient skills, knowledge and resources to maximize their full potential, lift them out of poverty and ensure they become self-sufficient.

 To meet this end, we provide or assist in the provision of education, health and wellbeing, entrepreneurship and innovation, sustainable environment & climate change programmes, including all necessary interventions designed to help these individuals and communities to generate a self-sustaining environment, develop sustainable income and become self-sufficient. We ascribe to a broad-based development methodology that works through the eyes of communities in fighting poverty, inequalities, social exclusions and injustices, thereby ensuring sustainable and equitable economic growth. We subscribe to a fully inclusive and equitable, regional, national and global economic system. We promote evidence-based approaches in ending poverty and creating positive social change.Because we want lasting solutions, we fight the inequalities that keep people locked in poverty and injustice, by tackling not just symptoms but the systems for genuine, durable change.

We implement community-led projects designed towards poverty eradication, supporting communities to build better lives for themselves, grow resilience and protect lives and livelihoods. We build leadership and provide communities with skills to create independent solutions for their future livelihoods. We implement various programs designed towards poverty eradication in communities by acting holistically as we tackle the diverse host of issues surrounding poverty.

The core of our work is empowering local communities to build their resilience and ensure their transformation is sustainable and long-lasting, with an aim to achieve a vision of a world free of poverty, fear and oppression.

Our Vision

Towards a just world where everyone enjoys the rights to live in dignity, have the opportunity to achieve their full potential and participate in and contribute to all aspects of life devoid of all forms of discrimination and marginalization.

Our Mission

To achieve social justice, gender equality, and poverty eradication by working with people living in poverty and exclusion, their communities, through social change mobilization; education, health and wellbeing, entrepreneurship and innovation, and sustainable environment & climate change programmes.

Our Values

As we work towards achieving our mission, we commit to the following core values:


Respect for people, communities and cultures. We treat all people with dignity and respect.


We capitalize on the richness inherent in differences. We promote equity, diversity and inclusion.

Ethics and Integrity

Integrity beyond reproach. We carry out all our work with the greatest responsibility, accountability and highest ethical standards.

Learning and Innovation

We strive for excellence, embrace continual improvement, bold creativity and change in a supportive, and safe work environment.


We honor our heritage by being socially, financially and environmentally responsible.


Operating with a spirit of collaboration in achieving common objectives and maximizing the impact of donor contributions.

Our Approach

We adopt an integrated development approach through all our community programmes and projects. We believe in participatory projects, and work with people not work for them. Therefore, our method is to encourage community ownership of the projects we embark on.

We encourage partnerships in tackling poverty. Our approach involves working closely with local communities, emphasizing the importance of self-reliance and empowering individuals to build a better future for themselves. By working directly with communities, we aim to tackle the structural causes and consequences of poverty and injustice. We build our strategy by working with individuals and groups in the private, public and third sectors, to inspire actions, and to develop solutions. We have a dedicated team of experts with diverse skills, knowledge and experience in managing diverse projects focused on lifting individuals and communities out of poverty. We work to achieve excellence in our fields.

Our rights-based approach means we focus on women and girls because the denial of their rights is a grave injustice and one of the underlying causes of poverty worldwide.

The work of Spring Aid

Building a just world where everyone enjoys the rights to live in dignity, have the opportunity to achieve their full potential and participate in and contribute to all aspects of life devoid of all forms of discrimination and marginalization. Read more about what we do and who we are

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