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About Us

We are a community-led charity that seeks to tackle the root causes of poverty and its consequences by building capacities of diaspora disadvantaged and marginalised peoples and communities in the diverse wards of the South Leeds cluster, particularly refugees, asylum seekers and other immigrants, by empowering them with sufficient skills, knowledge and resources, to maximise their full potential, lift themselves out of poverty and become self-sufficient.

We ascribe to a broad-based development methodology that works through the eyes of communities in fighting poverty, inequalities, social exclusions and injustices, thereby ensuring sustainable and equitable economic growth. We subscribe to a fully inclusive and equitable, regional, national and global economic system. We promote evidence-based approaches in ending poverty and creating positive social change.

We bring you stories and actions that make a difference and support approaches that make life more sustainable for people and planet. We ensure the voices of disadvantaged people are placed at the heart of any development agenda, and reflective of the socio-economic, and political causes to poverty. We tackle inequality, including economic equality and discrimination, and retain a strong focus on promoting gender and women’s rights.

Our Aim

To see a poverty free world, where every young adult enjoys the right to live with dignity, can strive and contribute, and where development works through the eyes of the ‘commons’ who should be the drivers towards ending poverty.

We believe that the contribution of all communities makes a nation, builds dynamic local communities, generates wealth and improves well-being. We champion fairness, challenge discrimination and pioneer innovative solutions through education, employment and enterprise. Our activities focus on the five core aims:


to increase employment rates to national average.

Social and Economic Regeneration:

to enhance social and economic regeneration of communities.


to raise the attainment levels in education to the national average.

Strong Communities:

to improve integration and cohesion through developing shared values and aspirations for the whole community.


to motivate and inspire individuals to act on their ideas and to realise their enterprise potential.

Our Work

Building a better tomorrow for disadvantaged and marginalised peoples and Communities in Leeds.

We have established a strong reputation for delivering high quality, medium to large scale development programmes for disadvantaged and marginalised peoples in the UK. Our programmes are designed to develop crucial life skills, improve confidence and boost self-esteem.

Education & Skills

Improve life skills, education, employability and enterprise.

Health & Well-being

Advance people’s physical and mental health, wellbeing and safety.

Disadvantage & Exclusion

Promote reduction of isolation and disadvantage and access to local services.

Stronger Communities

Maximise ability to strengthen community cohesion and build social capacity.

Our Approach

We adopt an integrated development approach through all our community programmes and projects. We believe in participatory projects. We want to work with people not work for them. Therefore our method is to encourage community ownership of the projects we embark on. We work to achieve excellence in our fields.

We encourage partnerships in tackling poverty. We build our strategy by working with the private, public and voluntary sectors, individuals and communities to inspire actions, and to develop solutions. We have a dedicated team of experts with diverse skills, knowledge and experience in managing diverse programmes and projects focused on lifting youth and communities out of poverty.

Our Objectives

We deliver our vision and strategic aims by working towards the following outcomes:

  • Provide or assist in the provision of education, training and all the necessary support interventions designed for individuals to generate a self-sustaining environment, sustainable income and self-sufficiency.
  • Promote physical and mental health & Wellbeing through sporting and leisure activities (football, gym etc.). We carry out diverse health programmes and projects, as well as sensitisation campaigns on violent crimes; domestic violence, drugs, knifes, gangs and alcohol abuse.
  • Promote business development initiatives and entrepreneurship, including business start-ups, advice and information, business opportunities and investment.
  • Promote human rights and gender equality initiatives with emphasis on women and girls, ensuring equality of opportunity, fairness and providing means of achieving their full potential in the ever changing socio-economic and political climate.

Our Values

We believe in development for the masses through a communal voice- where:

  • Equality and Diversity, Mutual Respect, requires us to recognise the innate worth of all people and their values in diversity.
  • We value honesty, transparency and accountability at all levels for the effectiveness of our actions and which are open in our judgements and communications with others.
  • We stand in solidarity with the poor, powerless and excluded in our commitment to the fight against poverty
  • We ensure humility in our presentation and behaviour, recognising that we are part of a wider alliance against poverty and inequality.
  • We severe our courage of conviction, through creative, radical, bold and innovative advocacy– without fear of failure – in pursuit of making the greatest possible impact on the causes and fight for poverty and inequality.
  • We are political but not party political. We are independent of any religious or party-political affiliation but encourage inclusive approach towards development.
  • We commit ourselves to sound policies, good governance at all levels, and the rule of law.

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  • contact@springaid.co

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