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Clash of civilisations!
January 29, 2022

Culture, tradition and religious tendencies were some amongst other factors that young people in Leeds advanced as some of the highlight points that sometimes influence their self-esteem. When looking at self-esteem, one must consider the ever-growing young peoples mind. As their minds are developing, cultural differences have a substantial impact on the evolution of their psyche.

The clash of Traditional African values and Western cultures are having a huge impact in young people’s self esteem particularly from our BAME community. Culture contains all the factors that could play a role in developing one’s self-esteem including race, socioeconomic class, gender and age. Looking at the race aspect, young Africans generally receive personal self-esteem because of reflected appraisal from their community but receive a lower personal efficacy because of social and economic inequality. This reveals that race can influence the level of self-esteem.

Self-esteem is a major and important construct, and Its impact on everyday behaviour was pointed out by a considerable number of participants who view individual self-esteem as responsible for a wide range of behaviours ranging from the ability to love, the ability to resist pressure to conform, and the ability to achieve. Self-esteem facilitates functioning in an effective manner in a variety of situations, determining the way people perceive themselves as fulfilled and happy.

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