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Connecting Leeds Together Again! Confidence Building and Self-Esteem Workshop.
April 24, 2022

Topic: Implications of Western Approaches to traditional African family value systems – Mental Health and Well-Being.

Parenting Styles, Internalization of Values and Self-Esteem: Within Western cultures, self-esteem consistently amongst young people from minority communities has been demonstrated to be inversely related with parenting styles, which in effect can be characterized by low levels of acceptance and high levels of overprotection.

Whatever our personal values, we largely base our self-worth on living up to the prevailing values of our culture. It is important to look at self-esteem from a cultural aspect to pinpoint where adequate behavioral changes should be made to improve it. Not only do the behaviors, attitudes, and values of adolescent culture have a direct correlation with their self-esteem, culture undoubtedly fosters the development of an adolescent’s sense of self in society.

Parents and children came together in Leeds to discuss some of the African traditional values systems and how this might impact upon young peoples self esteem and confidence. Thanks to The National Lottery Community Fund for making this happen.