Welcome to the SPRINGAID Forum and chat page.

At SPRINGAID we pride ourselves by encouraging regular chats and discussions in which we encourage YOU to enter & give your views. The topics of discussions will cover our main core issues around poverty & inequality, housing, health & well-being, business & entrepreneurship, campaigns & advocacy - all to make sure that citizens pride themselves with these core issues as it pans out at the local and international level. The topics can either be chosen by citizens or suggested by SPRINGAID from time to time will be scheduled.

For each SPRINGAID initiated discussions, we will have panellists from within the organisation and from experts around the world who will be invited as well. This will in essence provide a medium through which our global community will;

  1. Increase their communal Voice through our online social media Forums
  2. Increase engagement on the core issues that affects their lives

We bring you stories and actions that make a difference. That helps fight extreme poverty and inequality, whilst supporting approaches that will make life more sustainable for people and the planet.


We tackle the root causes of poverty and its consequences by building capacities of disadvantaged individuals and communities, empowering them with sufficient skills, knowledge and resources, to maximise their full potential, lift themselves out of poverty.


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