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How Family Impacts Self-Esteem
February 25, 2022

Marriage, parenting styles are some of the factors that can have great impact on our self- esteem. Friday 25th February, saw parents from the Black and Minority Ethnic Community in South Leeds coming together to discuss “how family impacts self-esteem”.

If your self-esteem has been extensively reduced, reactions can be withdrawal, resignation, and in some cases self-damaging behavior and suicidal thoughts. Some build up a wall of distrust and close themselves off completely to others. They experience feelings of loneliness and inner emptiness, feelings of guilt, or even frequent irritation and anger.

There can also be the fear that one’s own weaknesses and shortcomings will be discovered by others and that one could be despised and rejected by them. If self-esteem problems are so profound, it can seem almost impossible for those affected to free themselves from the vicious circle by their own efforts. Such problems are often associated with depression, chronic partnership problems, aggressiveness, alcohol or drug addiction, and social anxiety.