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Protecting Our Climate for the Future through our “Together For Our Planet Programme”. 
September 12, 2022

The impact of climate change is devastating especially for people in deprived areas, but ingenuity can help them adapt and thrive. Solving the global climate change crisis is going to rely on, in one way or another, changing human behaviour. As individuals, we each have a responsibility to change how we live on a day to day basis to reduce the further onset of dangerous climate change. We can all play our part together and then many small changes will multiply into a large contribution. 

Our team of young volunteers were gathered at the Middleton Circus speaking with residents and giving them flyers that offers helpful tips on how they can manage their carbon footprint. We work very closely with our communities to develop simple, practical solutions that can help minimise the ways in which we impact on the planet. Behavioural changes are vital for local communities to sustain or change residents’ behaviours to reduce climate change.