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Protecting Our Climate for the Future – Together For Our Planet Programme: Queen’s Platinum Jubilee 2022 celebrations.
June 4, 2022

We were fully represented at the “We Are Seacroft” Festival on the Seacroft Village Green, where we took steps and actions to planting trees and reducing our CO2 environmental footprint as part of the Jubilee week celebrations.

Young people gathered and showcased their trees as part of their contributions towards reducing carbon emissions. Trees are a useful way of capturing and absorbing carbon dioxide from the air while releasing oxygen in its place. We love trees and believe many more should be planted. We need more trees and we need direct air capture.

A Huge thanks goes to the “We Are Seacroft” Festival on the Seacroft Village Green” organisers for giving us the platform and The National Lottery Community Fund our official sponsors.

Key theme: “Take Action, Plant a Tree, – Reduce your carbon Emissions”.