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Asylum Seekers and Refugees taking part in the Photography Workshop in Leeds
December 14, 2017

The workshop was jointly organised by SpringAid Consultancy International CIC in partnership with the Tales of a City Tours which brought together asylum seekers and refugees from the various wards of the Leeds area. Refugees and asylum seekers from all wards of the Leeds area attended the Mill Hill programme, a photography workshop that provide opportunity for interested participant.

The Photography workshop helped refugees and asylum seekers to learn new skills, connect to their city, and get to know new people whilst working alongside with volunteers. There is also potential for a photography exhibition later down the line which would provide opportunities to showcase the photos as well as a social event for refugees and volunteers!

The day event comprised of a 1 hour session which took place at Mill Hill, and covered some photography techniques using practical demonstrations, and a discussion on the different attractions in Leeds city centre and why the participants might want to take photos of them (using various flyers/booklets/maps of Leeds)

2) the event also include a 1.5 hour walk around Leeds city centre, where participants will have the opportunity to take photos of their preferred sceneries as there were “buddied up” alongside volunteers with cameras that also possesses some expertise in photography.

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