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Climate Action Leeds project!
November 8, 2023

We are really pleased to have engaged with the residents of the Burmantofts & Richmond Hill, City of Leeds Ward – individuals from disadvantaged and marginalised backgrounds across the Asian, African, Eastern European and British communities, providing them with climate adaptation measures, enabling them to thrive and make small changes to their lifestyle behaviour, and cutting on their carbon footprint and save money in the midst of the current cost of living crises and inflation. 

During the session, we provided useful tips; advice and information on how they could effectively manage their carbon footprint at home; use less energy at home to reduce their energy bills, manage food consumption, food waste and general waste, effective and efficient water management techniques and effective and alternative sources of transport to improve on their livelihoods, and mental and physical health and well-being. 

Mildred, a participant and resident of Burmantofts & Richmond Hill in Leeds “thanked SpringAid for providing residents with such useful advice and information on the themes of energy, water, food, transport and waste. She also said that she has six children and managing her household expenses in the midst of the current cost of living crises and inflation has been extremely difficult. She has difficulties in rent payments, increased energy bills from (numerous showers or bath, washing of dishes and clothes (washing machine) and home lighting (bulbs, IT and other equipment usage), food and childcare costs, holidays, hobbies and leisure activities. But emphasised that the knowledge she’s gained will go a long way to help her save money, manage her energy use at home and climate change. Thanks to the All Community Connect community group.