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Keep Fit, Keep Healthy, Practice Sports! Hamara Healthy Living Centre in Beeston.
February 16, 2024

Exciting opportunity for young people and their families to join our FREE sporting activities to help them improve their health, fitness and mental wellbeing during the school mid-term holidays. We provided them with exercise and fitness sessions to keep them active, mixing a range of sporting activities from football, basketball, tennis, bowling, badminton and much more to provide a fun way to get people active and engaged in positive physical activities to support health.

Ellis, regular and active participant said “it’s been a great day to be away from home and reunite with friends in a sociable, friendly, and secure environment, away from her phone and watching TV which had been a regular pattern since the midterm break”. What a day it has been!

We’ll like to give special thanks to our staff, volunteers, Hamara centre and our official sponsors Sport England for making this possible.