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Refugees Family Reunion Bill 2 days to go!!
March 14, 2018

The Second Reading of the Refugees Family Reunion Bill will take place this Friday 16th March. This will be the first opportunity for debate and where the overall principles of the Bill are considered. As part of our work to provide effective services to people experiencing poverty, marginalisation and subjugation, and also in line with our strategic joint working partnership policy, SpringAid Consultancy International CIC has teamed up and in support of organisations like Oxfam, Refugee Council, Amnesty International, British Red Cross and UNHCR, to make change happen.

As a result, we need 100 MPs to turn up and vote for the changes. As a last push before the vote you can choose to remind your MP (particularly if your MP is already supportive) about the vote via Twitter: Example of Action Required!!!!!!Action: Tweet your MP and remind them to turn up and speak up in support of the Second Reading of the Refugees Family Reunion Bill.If you’re MP has said yes to attending: tweet@MPname, thanking them for agreeing to attend the family reunion bill on Friday 16 March. Refugees have a chance at being reunited and living a life free from war by keeping #FamiliesTogether#StandAsOne If you’re MP has said neither yes or no: .@MPname, as my MP please show your support and keep #FamiliesTogether who have been torn apart by war and persecution.

Please attend and back the family reunion bill on Friday 16 March #StandAsOne Just type in your postcode via the Tweet your MP website and tweet your MP. It’s more personal to write your own tweet, however, if you’re short of time it is totally fine to use the examples above. You can watch the debate on Friday through the Parliament website and follow all the latest news. We expect the Second Reading to begin at 9 – 9:30am, with the actual vote happening around 12 – 12:30 pm. Thank you so much for your continual support, for standing as one with families torn apart by war and persecution and campaigning to change strict and unfair rules that keep loved ones apart. Until Friday…..