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A sustainable development goals seminar

This seminar series hosted by SAID Sweden. It is a contribution to the achievement of the sustainable development Goals aimed at among others eliminating extreme poverty by 2030. This series will be held four times on the following topics: God, faith and money; Financial Responsibility, Financing for Development and Creating Wealth.

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SpringAid Consultancy International CIC has teamed up with @Knowledge4usbyus CIC, Humans of Leeds,

Angel of Youths and Leeds Beckett University Student Union to engage young people to create content that will inspire positive change. We have planned a week of FREE photography and filmmaking workshops where young people will gain the technical ability to use photographic and filming equipment while learning how to make a positive difference in their life, community and wider society. If you are or you know a young person who would benefit from this project, get in touch.Places are limited so early registration is advised.To register or for more information, please contact us on Facebook...

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The work of Spring Aid

Building a just world where everyone enjoys the rights to live in dignity, have the opportunity to achieve their full potential and participate in and contribute to all aspects of life devoid of all forms of discrimination and marginalization. Read more about what we do and who we are

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