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Climate Action Leeds Fuel Poverty Awareness Day 2023 – SpringAid in the Community!

Today, Thursday 30 November 2023 is National Energy Action’s Fuel Poverty Awareness Day (FPAD). In commemoration of events marking the Fuel Poverty Awareness Day 2023, our team empowered residents at the Friends of Hunslet Moor Community Hub, South Leeds, raising awareness on effective and efficient ways on how they could manage their energy usage at home through positive actions and behavioural change methodologies.  The charity National Energy Action (NEA) has estimated that the total number of households across the UK in fuel poverty increased from around 4 million in summer...

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Climate Action Leeds project!

We are really pleased to have engaged with the residents of the Burmantofts & Richmond Hill, City of Leeds Ward – individuals from disadvantaged and marginalised backgrounds across the Asian, African, Eastern European and British communities, providing them with climate adaptation measures, enabling them to thrive and make small changes to their lifestyle behaviour, and cutting on their carbon footprint and save money in the midst of the current cost of living crises and inflation.  During the session, we provided useful tips; advice and information on how they could effectively...

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Climate Action Leeds In the UK

Around 22% of the country’s carbon emissions come from our homes – including heating, lighting and appliances. The way we travel – from driving to work or the shops to jet setting around the globe on holiday – comes close behind heating for the volume of carbon emissions produced. We can reduce our carbon emissions by improving our homes, choosing low carbon travel options and making small behaviour changes – all while having a positive impact on addressing the climate emergency. Thanks to everyone at the Oroko Cultural Association UK for the great opportunity in joining them this weekend and...

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Climate Action Leeds Project!

Eventful weekend with CamYorkshire. We’re honoured to have been received by Camyorkshire Diaspo as part of our Climate Action Leeds programme. In furtherance of our work to raise awareness and drive behavioural changes on the impact of climate change amongst ethnic minority communities or communities that live in the margins or lower socio-economic spectrum, we used this opportunity to offer useful information and tips on how they could better manage their carbon footprints and save money, amidst the higher cost of living crises and energy bills.  Areas covered included:  1. Energy...

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Protecting Our Climate for the Future through our “Together For Our Planet Programme”

SpringAid in the Community! Communities coming together in a time of crisis – lessons for climate justice.  Putting people and communities at the heart of tackling climate change is important as it ensures that everyone is empowered to play their part in tackling the climate crisis. That’s why we’re working with individuals and organisations to identify and prioritise action areas, raise awareness of issues as well as sharing knowledge and expertise that is pertinent for our community. Last night’s event, at the St Luke’s Cares Shop Dewsbury Road, offered an opportunity for...

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